It’s Day 7 of my modified NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t fallen behind (yet), though this week has confirmed for me already that doing a modified NaNoWriMo was the right thing to do.

Even though I managed to get some writing done over the weekend, Monday was practically a wash because I spent most of the day writing (and finishing) a short story.

Things like this are the biggest reason I decided to be easy on myself with my word count goal. As my friend Icess said: “NaNoWriMo is a marathon, not a sprint.” Even though NaNoWriMo is only a one month commitment, I don’t want to wake up on December 1, and feel like I’ve lost a month. If nothing else, it would be bad for my novel. Novels are the closest art to life I know, and life full of detours, dead ends, back roads, and pit stops.

Which is about where my novel is, too. I’ve gotten past the exciting initial phase where the characters in Part 1 have been introduced, and now the pressure is building. I call this phase of a novel the lobster boiling phase.

When I lived in New England, there was a lot of debate during lobster season about the right way to boil a lobster. One way was to put the lobster in a pot of low water and turn the heat up gradually. The other way was to throw the lobster in to a pot of boiling water, making them panic but killing them more quickly.

My novel is a slow boiling book because I’m interested in the way that people end up in terrible situations through a series of gradual concessions. My protagonist, Lisa, a designer at a big gaming corp has a slight inkling that something isn’t right with her boss Alan, but the heat is on low enough that she hasn’t started to panic.

I think that doing things this way will make for an interesting book, but when I’m not completely absorbed in writing, creating a story this way is incredibly tedious to write since I already know what’s coming. Hopefully, I won’t discover later that the heat’s on too low for the readers, too, but I guess we’ll see!

So, NaNos out there. How are your novels going?

And a quick reminder: If you’re blogging about your process, I’d love to hear about it and include your journey in my Weekend Reads during the month of November.