Courtesy of paparutzi

The bloggers participating in Holiday Blog Tour 2012 have been announced, and guess who’s on the list?

Last year’s tour was phenomenal, and with bloggers like this to look forward to, I think this year is going to be even better.

Holiday Blog Tour Schedule

December 7: Jasmine Clemente
December 8: Gwendolyn Jerris
December 9: Nathasha Alvarez
December 10: Regina Tingle
December 11: Caridad Pineiro
December 12: Teresa Carbajal Ravet
December 13: Natasha Oliver
December 14: Stephanie Dorman
December 15: Karen La Beau
December 16: Annette Santos
December 17: Zoraida Writes
December 18: Kristy Harding
December 19: Nikki Kallio
December 20: Sujeiry Gonzalez
December 21: Samantha Kolber
December 22: Thelma T. Reyna
December 23: Julia Amante
December 24: Icess Fernandez