I recently had the opportunity to talk with Jim Harrington about what Paper Tape looks for in submissions. The interview is up today on Six Questions For…. This was the first time I’ve been interviewed about Paper Tape, so I’m naturally very excited to be on the other side of the interview table this time, but I also believe this project has the potential to go a long way in dispelling the red pen wielding monster-editor myths.*

Jim is a brilliant interviewer, who cuts straight to the heart of old misunderstandings in the editor/writer relationship and really invites the editors he interviews to think deeply about what they want and why they bother working with wonderful, amazing, persnickety writers, often without pay.

So, check out my interview if you’re interested in learning the key to the secret doorways of my heart and all of the other interviews if you’re interested in learning about what makes editors tick.

*Yes, I see you. Sit down.